Light System System
In order to minimize disruption to the Gardens every time there is an event we have opted to give exclusivity to a single supplier of Lighting, Mr. Elie Medlej of Professionals who can be reached on 03 331 586 / 01 331 586 / 71 331 586. Email:

We have seen in Hire of Gardens that basic yet elegant lighting is included in the cost. However, for the benefit of those who want more lighting intensity or special effects, Mr. Medlej has equipped the gardens with a wide variety of permanent light sources all independent one from the other. This Lighting System is computer connected and is operated by a technician who can create the required mood by playing with intensity, movement and an infinite palette of colours.

- Dance floors- Stages- Bridges
- Dry ice- Bubble Machine- Follow spot
- Under Table Lights- Projectors- Screens
Naturally our clients may opt not to be limited by the above options and may wish for tailor-made lighting effects. Should that be the case, the expense will vary according to the requirements.
• Option 1: Front and side Facades. Blue in zones 1 & 2: 1,500$
• Option 2: Towers 1 & 2. Orange, Main Facade in zone 3: 1,500$
• Option 3: Towers 3 & 4. Black in zone 3: 1,500$
• Option 4: Pool area. Green in zone 4: 400$
• Option 5: Welcome drink area. Red in zone 1: 500$
• Option 6: Grass area. Yellow in zone 5: 500$
• Option 7: Buffet Lighting. Purple in zone 5: 500$

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