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  • It is the policy of Sursock Palace Gardens to supply exclusively all Open Bar beverages and local wines consumed on the premises. A corking fee will be charged for any foreign wine or Champagne supplied by the client.

    Regular Open Bar
    This formula means that beverages are available in unlimited quantities to guests from beginning to end of a function. This is charged at $12.00 per guest and offers all of the following beverages:

    Premium Open Bar
    This is charged at $17.00 per guest and in addition to the Regular Open bar offers the following:

    Soft Open Bar
    For those who do not wish to Serve Alcohols, our soft selection is charged at $8.00 per person.

    The choice of the Premium Open Bar exceptionally entitles clients to bring, if they so wish and at their cost, any additional beverages not listed above.
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